Dual diagnosis: a fatal diagnosis!

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Stressful life and demanding situations take their toll on life. Mental stress is resulted into getting addicted to substances or any other kind of external material which temporarily take the stress away from us and gives us a feeling of relaxation. This forced addiction is due to stress. This entire episode is identified as dual diagnosis. This term is used for mental illness and addiction together. Meaning suffering from mental disorder which causes addiction. Wikipedia describes it as a term used for people with an intellectual disability and diagnosed with a mental illness. Making a dual diagnosis in substance abusers is difficult as drug abuse itself often induces psychiatric symptoms, thus making it necessary to differentiate between substance induced and pre-existing mental illness. It can be also described as a co morbid condition of a person considered to be suffering from a mental illness and a substance abuse problem at the same time. There is considerable argument which surrounds the aptness of this term being used to describe a heterogeneous group of individuals with complex needs and a varied range of problems. The concept can be used broadly to describe, for example depression and alcoholism.

Dual diagnosis rehab offers a combined treatment for mental disturbances or instabilities along with the addiction treatment. These treatments are charted out for every individual separately. It is believed that not two individuals are alike and the situations they face can also not be similar to each other. Thus the treatment offered should be different. Dual diagnosis treatment needs be addressed on mental and physical level. This treatment should be given together for its higher effect and not separately. The clinical experts follow cognitive therapies and medical treatment together for a combined effect.

Different levels of addiction demand different approaches, consistent changes in treatments and therapeutic sessions. It only takes a strong mind and stubborn willpower to get over these stressful things, so the basic aim of the clinical experts is to re-set the mind and reform the thinking pattern to be able to deal with the problems effectively. Once the mind set is changed, half the battle is won. The rest of treatment is effectively imparted for detoxification and avoiding relapses. Mostly teens fall prey to various stressful situations and succumb to dual diagnosis. At their tender age they are more prone to such addictions and lures.

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Dual diagnosis: a fatal diagnosis!

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This article was published on 2010/11/26